Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is Here!

Posted by Scott Epstein on

Reviewer: Laurie Carcieri, It’s a Glam Thing Website: http://guestblogger.itsaglamthing.com/waxelene-flip-top-squeeze-tube-is-here/ Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is here! My favorite product in the world. You know when someone asks you the question, “If you were stranded on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would have to have with you?” Of course my answer would be Waxelene! I just cannot say enough about this product and nowit’s available in a flip top squeeze tube! OMG! It is convenient to carry in a pocket, purse, car, backpack, and gym bag. Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is great for traveling anywhere. I use a dab on my finger to moisturize my cracked lips and shine my lipstick color making it super glossy. It leaves my lips irresistible and soft. This creamy beeswax gel is a great beauty product that I cannot live without. Once you try it, you will be totally satisfied and never leave home without it too. When I get a moment throughout the day, I take out my Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube and massage some into my cuticles and WOW….. my nails look as if I just came from a nail salon. Waxelene is made of Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Organic Rosemary Oil, and Natural Vitamin E with no petroleum or artificial ingredients. Also MADE IN THE USA! I have been a long time user of the good old Vaseline and always concernd about the petroleum but now my mind is at ease using Waxelene! I rub it on my dried heels and elbows. It removes my make-up and I massage it on my feet before my daily run to avoid blisters! You can purchase Waxelene products at local Whole Foods, CVS, Anthropologie Stores and online at Waxelene.com. Waxelene Flip Top Squeeze Tube is $4.99 per tube. The way I brag about Waxelene, you would think I have stocks in it! Unfortunately I don”t, but I do get super excited and love to promote a product that really works and is now packaged in a convenient flip top squeeze tube that makes my life simple! Let’s hope I never end up on a deserted island….. Thank you Waxelene for a great product!!!! Laurie Carcieri, Wife and Mother of two Children Fashion and Fitness Enthusiast