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Reviewer: Adrianne Compton, Adrianne’s Anything Blog Website:  I was on the quest for my cousin Ben, to find him something to soothe his hands (he works outside and inside and just generally puts them through the ringer). I came across this little jem one late night at Whole Foods. Its pretty balm. It has a consistency that is drier than regular petroleum jelly. Its  consistency really aids in its absorption making it anything but greasy. Aside from slatering this on my hands its great on lips too. I keep pulling this out and my friends keep asking what it is and stealing it from me. I decant a bit into tiny jars so I basically keep giving this stuff away every time I go out. In a week I am almost done with my 2 oz jar. Its ingredients are really simple, Organic Soy Oil, Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E Oil and Organic Rosemary Oil, but they pack a punch against my super dry cuticles  Also the smell is great very earthy with hints of rosemary. Definitely a winter staple. Make it easier to carry and put some in a little jar to take on the go!